EPJ D Topical Issue: “Physics of Ionized Gases and Spectroscopy of Isolated Complex Systems: Fundamentals and Applications" (2022)

Submissions are invited for a forthcoming Topical Issue of EPJD entitled:
Physics of Ionized Gases and Spectroscopy of Isolated Complex Systems: Fundamentals and Applications.

The aim of this Topical issue is to present new theoretical and experimental results connected with the physics of ionized gasses, including numerous fundamental and applicative processes such as: electron and photon interactions with atoms and complex molecular systems, heavy particle collisions, swarms and transport phenomena, atomic collisions in solids, sputtering and deposition, laser and plasma interaction with surfaces, plasma spectroscopy and other diagnostic methods, gas discharges, plasma applications and devices, fusion plasmas, astrophysical plasmas and collective phenomena.

All these processes are important for understanding plasma, which is a commonly present and widely studied state, and it can be found at practically all scales: from the astrophysical (e.g., in our Sun, solar wind, interplanetary medium, in other stars and interstellar medium, in all galaxies including our Milky Way, as well as in intergalactic space) to the different types of nanosystems and cluster systems on the atomistic and elementary particle level (photonic, electronic and atomic collisions, quark-gluon plasma). Moreover, these processes are important for understanding the interaction of ionizing radiation (e.g. VUV/X-rays) with ubiquitous complex systems such as solvated biomolecules. Authors are invited to submit their work to the European Physical Journal D indicating their wish to appear in the Topical Issue “Physics of Ionized Gases and Spectroscopy of Isolated Complex Systems: Fundamentals and Applications” and also indicating which of the Guest Editors they wish to handle their contribution. The issue is open to everyone working in the field.

Deadline for submission: March 1st, 2023

The full manuscripts should be submitted before the deadline directly to the EPJD Editorial Office at https://www.editorialmanager.com/epjd/default2.aspx.

Submissions should be clearly identified as intended for the Topical Issue. More general information about EPJD including instructions for authors is available at http://epjd.epj.org.

Important order of steps to properly choose the Topical issue:
- Choose Regular article
- Editor Silwia Ptash
- In the addtional info choose: "Topical Issue: Physics of Ionized Gases and Spectroscopy of Isolated Complex Systems"
See the screenshot here (link).

Guest Editors:

  • Dragana Ilić, University of Belgrade, Serbia (dilic@matf.bg.ac.rs)
  • Vladimir Srećković, University of Belgrade, Serbia (vlada@ipb.ac.rs)
  • Bratilsav Obradović, University of Belgrade, Serbia (obrat@ipb.ac.rs)
  • Jovan Cvetić, University of Belgrade, Serbia (cvetic_j@etf.bg.ac.rs)
  • Sylwia Ptasinska, University of Notre Dame, USA (Sylwia.Ptasinska.1@nd.edu)



June 9 2022
Deadline for contributed papers and abstracts is extended to 17.6.

Feb 9 2022
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