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Detailed programme of SPIG 2022

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Instructions for Virtual attendance using Webex

Book of Contributed Papers and Abstracts of lectures (PDF).

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The SPIG 2022 follows a longtime tradition initiated 60 years ago. The Conference covers a wide range of topics from fundamental studies to applications of ionized gases.
The 4th workshop on X-ray and VUV Interaction with Biomolecules in Gas Phase (4th XiBiGP), organized in collaboration with the SOLEIL synchrotron (France) will be associated to the conference.

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, SPIG 2022 will be held in a format which allows participants to choose between virtual and regular (on-site) attendance.
Participants who choose to attend SPIG 2022 virtually will still be able to present their work, listen to all other presentations, and take part in discussions.
Virtual attendance will be realized using Webex. Instructions and links are given here.
Participants can also attend SPIG 2022 regularly, i.e., on-site, which we encourage. Therefore, all participants registered for virtual attendance can upgrade their participation to a regular one.

All necessary measures will be taken in order to provide a safe environment for regular participants.

The venue of the Conference is the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts.

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June 9 2022
Deadline for contributed papers and abstracts is extended to 17.6.

Feb 9 2022
First Announcement

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